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Selam, wildcard zamanı forumda örnek analiz atacağımı yazmıştım ama sonradan aklımdan çıkmıştı. bikaç kişi mesaj atınca merak eden herkes faydalansın diye paylaşayım dedim. takımda 2 yabancı oyuncu olduğu için analizleri ingilizce yapıyorum ve o şekilde paylaşıcam, sonra türkçeye çeviririm belki. bunlar sadece oyunculara fikir verme amaçlı ön bilgiler, asıl strateji fikir alışverişinden sonra belirleniyor. çoğu analiz tuttuğu halde INTZ benim tahmin ettiğimden farklı şeyler denedi ve normalde kullanmadıkları taktikler kullandılar, bu yüzden performanslarının düştüğünü düşünüyorum


DetonatioN FocusMe
BonziN (top)
Astarore (jungle)
Ceros (mid)
Yutapongo (adc)
Kazu (support and analyst)
Replays of regional finals
The team from Japan, seemingly the weakest team in wildcard since Japan is one of the newest regions and there's not much competition in Japanese league. Their comps in regional finals were
Gnar Udyr Ahri Kalista Thresh
Fizz Jarvan Leblanc Sivir Thresh
Lulu Nunu Diana Sivir Maokai
First two games their comps are similar pick up comps, third game Thresh was banned so they changed their setup to a teamfight comp. Also they picked Lulu & Maokai but Lulu was top and Maokai was support, they might use this strategy again to confuse enemy team.
Their basic strategy is this, their top and mid pick strong 1v1 champions, try to farm and try not to overextend in early game. Meanwhile their bot lane plays aggressive and applies pressure, to make sure bot lane doesn't get ganked, their jungler makes aggressive plays in enemy jungle, steals camps and places deep wards. Combined with a pick up composition they try to use this vision and pressure advantage to snowball the game. Although their players aren't very strong in terms of mechanics, their early-mid game vision control is pretty good because of Astarore's aggressive plays. On blue side, he goes for enemy wolf for vision buff and on red side he tries to deny raptor's sweeper buff, try to keep the small brush in river warded all the time. Energy should use a mid laner that can push and help Theokoles in jungle skirmishes because it's highly likely that Theokoles and Astarore will run into each other in our jungle.
DetonatioN FocusMe's star player is Yutapongo, their adc, this is why their early-mid game strategy is mostly based on him. Watch a random replay and you'll see Astarore is almost always at the bottom side of the jungle.Their opponent, DetonatioN RabbitFive banned Rek'sai against them on all three games because it fits Astarore's style perfectly so Rek'sai must be either banned or first picked against this team. Other lanes are versatile so there's no other target ban but Sivir also must be a high priority pick. I haven't seen anyone doing lane swap in Japenese league and they probably don't know what to do against a lane swap but I don't recommend lane swapping because their top and mid are weak 1v1 players, Energy and Thaldrin can easily outplay and kill them + it might be dangerous to let Yutapongo get free farm since he's a strong adc player. There's not much else to say, they're not a very strong team but they play the early game well so just pick strong early game champions, especially the jungle is very critical in this matchup. Don't pick something like Sejuani, pick something mobile with early pressure and strong skirmish potential, Gragas would be the perfect pick and try to give Theokoles the kill if he ganks so he can get the sightstone as quickly as possible. If they manage to get vision advantage when their composition is pick up based, consider getting two farsight orbs at bot lane. Good luck, will post about other teams soon


Hard Random
Smurf (top)
Symphony (jungle)
Kira (mid)
LeX (adc)
Dimonko (support)
Replays of regional finals
Russian team, Thaldrin and Theokoles played against them in lol pro league earlier during the first days of Aces High, Hard Random is one of the weakest teams in IWCI. they finished the regular season in fourth position but surprised everyone and managed to beat Moscow 5 in finals. I don't know why it's already 1-0 in game 1, there are only three game vods. HR's comps were
Morgana Sejuani Zed Caitlyn Nami
Maokai Gragas Leblanc Kalista Lulu
Maokai Gragas Ezreal Graves Lulu
They lost the first game, they probably didn't use their planned strategy but they decided to use it in the second game after they got stomped in first game. Russia is far behind other regions in terms of skill and strategy and it looks like they just improvise so I'll sum up basic stuff.
Hard Random usually uses utility top laners that don't need much farm to stay relevant, like Maokai, Morgana and forces a lane swap. They use comps with Hecarim and Reksai aswell but they're not that good at using carry top laners if enemy team does the lane swap. Like HWA did against you in league, they use 5 man deep ward strategy at level 1 to see whether enemy team lane swaps or not. Since they use double tank composition and they can't play well with assassin mids, they'll probably use sustained damage dealers to win long lasting teamfights. They use support Lulu very often, I also watched their previous games, Lulu goes well with and against this kind of compositions so it should be a high priority pick in this matchup. You can ban Maokai, Kalista and Rek'sai then make a midgame setup like Corki mid and Graves for a very easy win.
Symphony mains Rek'sai like DetonatioN's jungler although Symphony is a passive jungler who looks for counter gank opportunities and their gameplay is entirely different, Rek'sai is one of the best junglers for their midgame based strategy. Banning Rek'sai and taking Gragas from them will limit their options or they'll be forced to use a different strategy. He couldn't play it in the finals because it was either banned or picked by enemy team so he picked Gragas which is similar to Rek'sai in terms of power curve. They try to get Maokai or Hecarim for top (they fail early game when they pick carry top laners like Hecarim because of lane swap) whenever they can, Shyvana is good against both since it beats Maokai 1v1 and it's better than Hecarim in a 2v1 lane swap situation, pick something similar to Shyvana and it'll be fine at top.
There are a lot of picks you can consider against these tanky comps to win neverending teamfights, Cassiopeia, Jax, Vladimir etc. but these sustained damage dealer carries start to shine against tanky comps after a long time and they don't work if you lose early-mid game hard. Even if they fall behind in early game they're able to comeback because of their mid game based comps, good mid game communication and above average vision control so be careful about it, they're good at punishing greedy 1v1, 2v2 plays with unexpected rotations and their jungler usually tries to counter gank. If they somehow manage to get ahead in early game, avoid midgame teamfights during their power spikes and focus on farming and taking turrets. Like if you fall behind and it's 45 seconds left to second or third dragon, you can plan a rotation to dive top, take 2 turrets there and make them lose their gold advantage. You should be doing this against any team, if enemy team has a midgame setup and they get advantage early, instead of trying to contest dragon and dying just go for a rotation and take a turret or steal a buff. Talk about these things in champion selection and start the game with a plan, otherwise you won't have time to make decisions. As far as I know you guys have good late game shotcalling and strong laning but midgame isn't as good as it should be, especially when you fall behind because midgame requires more communication than any other phase and your communication is still lacking


Yang (top)
Revolta (jungle)
Tockers (mid)
micaO (adc)
Jockster (support)
Replays of regional finals
Brazilian champions, considered to be the favourite team. Comps used in finals are
Maokai Gragas Azir Jinx Janna
Gnar Gragas Orianna Tristana Thresh
Gnar Gragas Cassiopeia Jinx Thresh
Although they won 3-0 against Keyd Stars, they fell behind during early game on all games because they always pick scaling comps with hyper carries for both mid and ad. Same thing happened in INTZ - paiN matchups, paiN was ahead until INTZ's comp started shining in late game. They're not good as individual players because they almost always fall behind in early game but they build very strong, adc focused late game team compositions and they eventually win. This team is overhyped, Keyd Stars played a lot better in early game and had better warding throughout the game but they failed to abuse the advantage they had and lost late game teamfights. Their team comps are like season 4 Dark Passage comps, good at controlling fights, turret sieging and defending. All these setups have the same purpose, they put mid and adc together in teamfights, combine their damage to kite and kill frontline as quickly as possible. As a result they kill enemy frontliners before their frontliners die so they win the teamfights. Azir/Jinx, Orianna/Tristana and Cassiopeia/Jinx, all three are built around the same idea, killing frontline and sieging. Gragas fits the comp perfectly because it's good for disengaging and it's also good for cleanup, since you have first pick in this game you must take it from them. Azir is a must ban, it's insanely strong on these comps.
As you see, Keyd Stars is ahead in midgame but they can't snowball the game and eventually lose because Lee and Shyvana weren't able to do anything to INTZ's carries in late game.
Once you take Azir and Gragas from them, their only disengage will be on their support and they won't have any engage mechanic except Maokai. You can choose to ban him but you don't have to, target banning against this setup won't do much because there are a lot of champions they can use for the same purpose so you should be focusing on making a comp that counters their overall gameplay. Firstly you need Leona or Annie (with exhaust if they pick a hyper carry adc, will be critical in teamfights) for counter engage and CCing their hyper carries will be the key to win this game. Corki is the only adc I'd suggest picking against them because of these reasons,
1. They pick one engage mechanic at most, after they use it they'll have trouble gap closing, Corki can get away from engages and keep poking from range. Corki's poke will be useful in general.
2. Wave clear will be needed against the siege comp and Corki can help doing it.
3. Mid game is when they are weak, Corki's power spike will win the game by itself. I don't expect them to change their hyper carry strategy but if they pick Corki or if they ban it, pick Sivir.
They sometimes use Rumble in their comps and if they feel like they need some mid game power to not fall behind, they can pick it. You shouldn't let them have it, Rumble must be another ban. It's fine if you let them have Maokai because your comp will counter theirs anyway. Maokai's engage will be useless against the counter engage and dive comp. This "carries stay together and kill frontline" strategy is vulnerable to counter engage, heavy dive compositions because there are too many targets they have to focus at once. Diana is a good choice for mid, it can also split push and it might come in handy since they always play for 5v5 fights. It's good against their late game mages because of assassination potential and mid game power spike. Top lane can be anything that can deal damage and be a frontliner at the same time, I'd say Irelia is the best option but there are others like Kennen and Gnar, it depends on what Thaldrin wants to play and what enemy picks for top. So it should be something like this, Irelia, Gragas, Diana, Corki, Leona/Annie. If they ban Gragas, fp Sejuani. If both are banned just go for something similar, jungle pick doesn't matter much in this comp as long as it can be a frontliner. Their setup can't deal with four frontlines at once, Nardeus shouldn't be concerned about protection because they won't be trying to kill him at all, that's not what they aim to do with the picks they make. Bans should be Azir and Rumble, third ban is up to you, you can ban Orianna, Janna, Kalista or Lee Sin. Orianna can be gamechanging against this dive comp if she lands a good ult, Janna's disengage might be problematic and micaO plays Kalista often although he didn't pick it in finals (it was banned on only first game, Keyd Stars banned Azir instead of Kalista on other two). Lee Sin is another ban option if Mami doesn't want to play against it, Revolta uses it a lot and it's good on this double hyper carry comp.
Play safe until you have your mid game power spikes and go for dragons, try to keep it warded in early game because their jungler likes to do solo dragon in early game and it will be very important to get all dragons in this game, it's the point of your composition and it's the most obvious win condition against a late game setup. If you play aggressive in early game and fall behind because of a gank before you reach your power spikes, it'll be a hard game. Their warding is worse than most of the teams so there's no need to talk about it, they just ward to make sure their carries can farm safely and they don't really use deep wards since it doesn't make much sense in their comps so just place pinks at your entrances and it's highly likely that they'll stay there for a long time. Good luck

brezilya 2, final için

I think they saved their double hyper carry comp for finals. They didn't use that comp much during group stage, that's why they seemed weaker than normal because it's the best comp they play. They'll have to play it anyway if you ban Leblanc and Lee Sin. If you pick a mid game comp and play early game well, this won't be a problem though, you look better than INTZ in teamfights and the only problem is early game. I realized you guys are weak against early game and you have trouble coming back once you fall behind. So you should instead focus on their early game in pick-ban phase unlike you did in previous INTZ game.
Hard Random and Chiefs won against INTZ by banning their early game picks and picking mid-late comps so you should do the same in first game. These are the two games INTZ lost in group stage
INTZ picked their classic double hyper carry comp against Chiefs but Chiefs played very well in early game with Leblanc and snowballed the game.
BKT made the same mistake you did,
INTZ picked a very strong early-mid game comp because BKT made their strategy obvious by picking Maokai and Sejuani in their first double rotation and INTZ destroyed BKT with early game picks so make sure they don't get early game snowball picks or try to counter them.
In any case, target banning to prevent them from doing a comp won't work because their players are quite versatile so just ban what you don't want to see in enemy team, like Leblanc and Lee Sin. You just need to make a midgame comp that counters both of their setups, I said this in INTZ analysis that your team comp should be mid game focused with passive early gameplay because this strategy counters everything they play but your comp was too late game focused and you lost early game too hard because of ganks. Expect Cassiopeia / Azir / Orianna picks at mid and Tristana / Jinx / Kalista at adc when they make their traditional comp with double frontliner like Gnar / Gragas or Maokai / Reksai and a support that can engage/disengage like Thresh or Kennen. Their comps will be variations of these picks after you ban Lee Sin and Leblanc. If you want to ban Hecarim and Kalista, either Lee Sin or Leblanc will be open so you should carefully choose what you want to leave open but I personally think Leblanc is more critical than Lee because if you ban Lee their mid/jungle will be Leblanc and Rek'sai and it's almost the same, they can camp mid with either pick. Mid, jungle and top picks won't really matter as long as you know what to do against the double hyper carry setup but bot lane picks must be aggressive with strong early-mid game no matter what, like Lucian or Corki with Thresh or Leona. They sometimes play poke or combo comps like Jarvan / Rumble / Xerath but they always lose with this kind of comp because it's bad in tank / engage meta.
One thing I realized is you guys don't use your power spikes and you always try to fight, you don't know when you should take a fight and when you shouldn't. It was a lot better in today's games so it should be fine if you play like you did today, discuss your win conditions and what you should be doing to win in champion selection to start the game with a plan, otherwise you won't stand a chance. There are specific things you should be doing against particular setups, like against Jinx / Azir comp, sieging is almost impossible and taking dragons, barons is also very hard so you should play the pick up game by denying vision. This applies to most of their double hyper carry comps because these comps are always good at objective control.
Against Hard Random your best win condition was killing five dragons with aggressive early gameplay but you missed that chance when you lost fight at second dragon because of bad communication and you did straight 5v5 fights when you should have focused on kiting and taking turrets. I guess everyone knows about these things but when you don't talk about it and you start the game without a plan, enemy team becomes the team that's dictating how the game goes because you adapt to things they do, so please do it. Good luck
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Resmi distribütör yok sanırım, var mı satan bi yer? Firebal satıyordu orası da kapandı.
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Hoş Geldiniz yazısından hemen sonra mavi ekran
Herhangi bir hata kodu yok, sadece system service exception yazıyor. Güvenli modda açtığım zaman bi sorun yok. Kendi kendine chkdsk yaptı ama bi etkisi olmadı. Sorun nereden kaynaklanıyor olabilir? Mavi ekran aldığımda bilgisayar reset atmıyor, tüm donanımların ışığı sönüyor ve bilgisayar o şekilde kalıyor.
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Önceden isteyenler olmuştu ama uğraşmak istemediğim için sıcak bakmamıştım. Şimdi hem boş zamanım olduğu için hem de paraya ihtiyacım olduğu için ders vermek istiyorum. Boost için pm atmayın ligde oynayacağım için boost yapmıyorum. Rol olarak jungle, mid ve support dersi verebilirim, west master seviyesinde üçünü de rahatça oynayabiliyorum. Lolakademi'deki fiyatların saatlik 45-50 TL civarında olduğunu hesaba katarak fiyatı 35 TL olarak belirledim. Dersleri skype üzerinden ve spectate atarak vermeyi düşünüyorum, bununla beraber ders alan oyuncunun oynadığı bir maçın replayını da beraber izleyerek hatalarını ve yapması gereken şeyleri anlatabilirim. İsteyene build, rune, lane matchup gibi konularda da yardımcı olabilirim. Ders konusu size kalmış. Burda EUW lolkingim var:


Burda da geçen sezonki TR sıralamam:


İsmimi hiç duymamış olanlar için de kısa bir özet geçeyim. Oyuna Leblanc çıkmadan birkaç gün önce başladım, yani sezon 1'in başından beri oynuyorum, s1 gold, s2 diamond, s3 diamond 1 bitirdikten sonra bu sezon master oldum. Bad Dunpy, Gameekstra, ANT, AWH ve HWA'da oynadım.

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