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Server Info:
Server Version: Season 6 Ep 3
Exp: 500x
Drop: 50%
Max LVL: 400
Master Lvl: 200
PPL: 5/7 and 1 for master
Max Stats: 32767
More information you can find on our website & forum.
Game Info:
Gens & Duel System [Original Like]
Duel Buff Prize for the Winner
Gens Map: Vulcanus
NON-PVP Server, PVP Server, Castle Siege Server
Raklion Event: gives season 4 items (best you can get: 3opt+luck+5empty sockets- low rate)
All Other Events: season 3 items (best you can get: 3opt+luck-low rate)
Many automated events to get good items (also a lot of forum events with In-game Prizes)
Lvl 5 Spheres Drop on highg maps(but also very low rate)
Poor shops (no quest items, no jwls, etc)
Marry System
Official MuHelper
You can find many infos about server visiting our forum & website.
Join Today, we can guarantee Long Term Server with 99.9% Bug Less(it migh have some litle bugs but nothing critical xD).
All the bests,
VH Mu Owner.