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9 yıl
Lethillion'un Kelekleri Nedir ya :D
Sitede yapılan duyurularda çok fazla yazım hatası yapılıyor. Neden bu kadar özensiz bir şekilde duyuru yaptıklarını bilmiyorum ama
bu sefer gördüğüm hata gerçekten tebessüm ettirdi beni :D

Lethillion'un Kelekleri nedir ya :D

< Resime gitmek için tıklayın >
9 yıl
Malphite Rün ve Kabiliyet önerileri ( Solo Top )
Arkadaşlar Malphite için en etkili rün ve kabiliyet sayfası önerileriniz nelerdir.
Malp oynayan arkadaşlar yardımcı olursa sevinirim.
9 yıl
Lucian için en etkili build
Daha önce konusu açılmış olabilir simdiden söyleyim laf atıcaklar için.

Lucian için en etkili build sıralaması nasıl ? Çok fazla deneyenler vardır aramızda lucianı.
9 yıl
Skarner Rework
Skarner rework ilk acıklamalar gelmiş.Eve yeni gelebildim işten daha önce konusu acıldıysa kusura bakmayın bulamadım altlarda.
Birisi bunu türkçe çeviri olarak yapabilirse iyi olur .

Full changelist:

Base Attack speed lowered by 1%

Crystal Slash (Q)
-Mana cost reduced from 20/22/24/26/28 to 16/18/20/22/24
-When target is hit, gives skarner an attack speed buff for 6s that stacks up to 3 times 4/5/6/7/8%
-Slow removed (moved to E)

Exoskeleton (W)
-Attack speed component removed (moved to Q)
-Cooldown lowered from 18s to 14s
-Max movepseed increased to 24/28/32/36/40% and ramps up over 3s
-Duration remains at 6s
-Shield value increased from 70/115/160/205/250 to 75/125/175/225/280
-Shield AP ratio increased from 0.6 to 0.8

Fracture (E)
-Mana cost reduced from 50/55/60/65/70 to 40/45/50/55/60
-Heal removed (power moved into W shield)
-Targets hit are slowed by 30/35/40/45/50% for 2.5s
-Missile range increased 800->1000
-Missile width reduced 120->90
-Missile speed reduced 1800->1700

Impale (R)
-Impale now roots targeted champion during the windup animation

Anything not mentioned in the changelist is the same. Numbers are still not locked down so don't sweat the small details.

-Team Scarner
9 yıl
Rengar Değişikliği Hakkında ( Türkçe Çeviri Gerek )
Ben ingilizcesini yazıyım türkçeye ayrıntılı cevirebilecek vakti olan bir arkadaş ilgilenirse sevinirim.
Link =http://www.reignofgaming.net/news

Update time!

So, after some tests, the big changes i've made are pretty close to what i'd like to see in the final version. I'll go through some of the core changes to my current changelist here, the reasoning behind it, and then update the main post with the differences as well. If i don't make mention of a mechanic from Live or from my previous post in these updates, it means they haven't changed.

Bonetooth Necklace
10 AD, 1 AD/Level
Recipe: Hunter's Machete + Long Sword + 100g
PASSIVE: 20% Increased damage to monsters

3 Stacks: Rengar gains Flat Movement Speed while out of combat, or while in brush

6 Stacks: Leap range increased

9 Stacks: Thrill of the Hunt lasts X seconds longer

14 Stacks: Rengar gains % Movement speed for 2.5 seconds upon exiting brush

Direction with Bonetooth as i've previously stated is to reduce the 'Stat bonus' focus on Bonetooth, and make it more Rengar-specific and use it as a tool to embrace and enhance Rengar's stalking/hunting gameplay. Feedback on this direction has been going well and people are digging the direction, i'll give my specific feelings about the bonuses.

3 Stacks - Enjoying how this is playing as an early-game reward that enables Rengar's roaming, jungle or otherwise. Live Rengar has the Movement Speed bonus at Tier 2, idea is to move it to Tier 1 and make it less-permanent (Boots of Mobility) while being able retain the Flat MS while chasing targets through brush. Basically, ganking sidelanes and using the brush or fighting in the jungle keep Rengar speedy even if he's flagged as in-combat.

6 Stacks - Really simple. *slightly* nerfed the leap range due to it moving to Tier 2 from Tier 3 and thus more accessible, but hitting this threshold really makes him 'turn on' in terms of midgame power. Liking this.

9 Stacks - Mostly placeholder, but i enjoy the effect. Likely could just add a bonus together with the increased duration to give a fixed power spike that Rengar can rely on for making it this far. Totally agree with any of you that this falls a little short on expectations especially at Tier 3. This is the only one i have less-than-high confidence for as a rewarding effect.

14 Stacks - This...is very powerful. Not only does it synergize with Rengar's 3 stack for out of combat brush darting/chasing, this -also- means that Rengar has access to bonus movement speed after leaping from brush. Haven't gotten to this threshhold except for once, which when combo'd with the updates to Thrill of the Hunt that you'll see below made for some -really- epic hunting experiences. Might tune this up, might slightly change, but this is the type of thing i want to see from Tier 4 Bonetooth.

Battle Roar
-No Longer grants Armor/Magic Resistance
-Enemies hit with Battle Roar have their Attack Damage reduced

If you've read my prior posts, you know my feelings about Battle Roar - specifically that it doesn't especially inform who Rengar should be effective against, and thus just gives up a lump of power that's hard to tune while remaining satisfying. Feedback from this thread also has been consistent that Battle Roar's allure is Rengar imposing his will/intimidating opponents, not I AM LOUD AND TANKIER NOW.

Attack Damage reduction allows him to handle jungle minions pretty well, but also makes him a monster in fights vs champions that rely on basic attacks/physical damage abilities (like carries, or other fighters), while still keeping him vulnerable to magic damage abilities from tanks/mages. Overall, the goal is that if AD reduction can work out you can reach a spot where leaping onto Physical Damage dealers and roaring makes you feel more like you're actively shutting down their damage potential rather than just being beefier than usual. Before you guys start biting my head off about how he won't have the tankiness to survive , i totally see this as an opportunity to introduce better base stats if it shows that he desperately needs the durability.

Bola Strike
-Is now a skillshot
-Increased Range

Wav3break was always pushing for this and i was always pushing against it, but after having played around with it i really, really like it. Making E a skillshot allows the skill to generally have more power (Range, Damage, Effect are all vectors to tune, though i'd rather lean on the first two) - but also gives Rengar the feeling of 'i have an option at all times'. Even when out of brush and in a siege situation, a traditional weakness of Rengar, the ability to harrass or create picks with Bola/Empowered Bola grants him more flexibility. Similarly, playing against feedback has been great (Got first blood with a jungle gank using Empowered E - felt like a boss landing the clutch shot, opponent felt it was much more fair due to being able to dodge).

In general, making Rengar's pattern once he leaps on a target require more play/interplay and less guaranteed allows him to feel much better when he -does- succeed. This change has been trending well, but is something that we'll be watching across future playtests to tune to appropriate power.

And for the big one:
Thrill of the Hunt
-Cooldown decreased
-No longer plays Voice Over or gives an Icon to enemies within Rengar's sight/detection range
-Consumes current Ferocity on cast - each point of Ferocity consumed increases the Duration of Thrill of the Hunt by 1 second.
-No longer stealths Rengar for the duration
-Duration greatly increased, scales with ult rank
-Movement Speed increased
-Rengar's first basic attack while in Thrill of the Hunt will cause him to leap at his target - Rengar retains the Movement Speed increase from Thrill of the Hunt for 3 seconds after leaping.
9 yıl
Kıbrıstan Türkiye sunucusunda oynayan var mı ?
Kıbrıstan Türkiye sunucusunda oynayan var mı ?

Ping sorunu oluyor mu biraz bilgi verirseniz sevinirim.
9 yıl
Yeni Kostümler = Arcade Hecarim / Forecast Janna / Riot Blitzcrank
Janna ve Blitzcrank kostümleri baya hoşuma gitti de Hecarim ne hale gelmiş.... Şampiyon asaletini yitirmiş yemin ediyorum :S

Videoyu izlemek için tıklayınız

Videoyu izlemek için tıklayınız

Videoyu izlemek için tıklayınız
9 yıl
Lucian bugün geliyor gibi
İndirimlere baktım ve gözüme bir şey takıldı.
Volibear 487 rp'ye düşüyor çünkü 975 rp ve 6300 itibar.
Riven 440 rp'ye düşüyor ama normalde 975 rp ve 6300 itibar puanı ile açılıyor.
Yani yeni bir şampiyon gelicek bugün büyük olasılıkla bu yüzden riven 4800 itibar 880rp fiyatına düşücek ve indirimde 440 rp olarak satılacak.

Lucian geliyor gibi bugün. 3.11 patchten önce gelmeyeceğini yazmıştı riot her hangi bir değişiklik olmazsa. Hayırlısı bakalım.
9 yıl
Elo 500 Renekton ( Video içerir ^^ )
Videoyu izlemek için tıklayınız

İlk 30 saniyeyi geçebilirsiniz fraps ile kayıt yaparken yanlışlıkla fazladan kayıt ettim o kısmı. Sonra kesmeyim dedim şarkıyla uyumlu olsun diye.
9 yıl
Dota 2 bazı ayarlar hakkında
Dota2'yi bir süredir oynuyorum. Bu tarz oyunlarda baya eskiyim diyebilirim ^^

Fakat mouse hızı çok yavaş geliyor bana. Bir türlü nerden değiştireceğimi bulamadım ayarlarda. Console'a bazı şeyler yazılıyormuş sanırım.

Kısacası yaptığınız ince ayarları yazabilir misiniz
DH Mobil uygulaması ile devam edin. Mobil tarayıcınız ile mümkün olanların yanı sıra, birçok yeni ve faydalı özelliğe erişin. Gizle ve güncelleme çıkana kadar tekrar gösterme.