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Titan is a Free-to-play online MMORPG (
You can easily reach the max level (85), farm some iteams
quickly, and you will be ready to fight in the PVP area
Ronark Land Zone all day long!
We have some awesome event like, BDW, Lunar wars,
Castle siege war and special event hold by the GM Team.
We also have forgotten temple and special quests, dungeons
for more fun and teamplay!
We also provide Power-Up Store and premium system
to help you get ready to fight faster!

Take a look here : ... ature=plcp
And you surely will enjoy taking KO to the Max!

So come, join us by registering here:
and download the game here:

You can also stay linked to the active Titan GM team
and players at our forum

And don't forget to visit our Facebook page: ... 30?fref=ts
Like and share, let us together grow,
and take KO to the Max!

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