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[L2OFF] - 3x - 01.07.2022
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Project is now launching L2OFF server with retail like experience based on client version Glory Days. 
Our primary target is to bring you long term stable server based on low rates with antibot protection and not focused on pay to win strategy.
We did several changes on our server to make it more friendly to all players.

  • EXP/SP: 3x
  • Adena: 3x
  • Drop: 3x
  • Spoil: 3x
  • Quest: 1x

  • We do not support pay to win! Donate coins can be obtained by regular playing
  • Visible drop and spoil in-game in HP Status bar of the monsters
  • We are trying to bring the most genuine official-like experience
  • We use the best anti-bot protection which can be provided
  • Maximum active sessions per PC is set to 3
  • Fully working Mentoring system for everyone
  • Full vitality restore every wednesday at 6:30
  • Epic Raid Bosses have retail respawns
  • Enchant rates same as retail servers
  • Auto loot enabled for everyone (Raid Bosses still drop their loot on the ground)
  • PIN code system authentication
  • Offline Trade (available only in the Aden Castle Town or Clan Halls) type .offline into chat for activation
  • Weight limit and inventory slots are increased
  • NPC Buffs are available in every town (Buffs are Melody level 1 for 60 minutes)
  • Subclass / Dual class / Noblesse via retail-like quests
  • Hellbound unlocked to level 11
  • Main town is Aden Castle Town
  • Buff slots are same as retail
  • Monthly Olympiad system
  • Party Matchmaking system
  • Museum statistics system
  • Auction system
  • Ceremony of Chaos is same as on official server
  • Shout and Trade chat are global 
  • Class transfers go through same quests as on retail
  • Fixed retail issue with killing flagged players with AOE spells when they are part of your command channel
  • Wynn Summoner debuffs (Mark of Weakness, Mark of Plague, Mark of Trick and Mark of Voide) can't be casted at non-flagged players

  • Core: 60 hours + random 23 hours
  • Queen Ant: 36 hours + random 17 hours
  • Orfen: 46 hours + random 20 hours
  • Baium: 168 hours + random 48 hours
  • Antharas: 264 hours + random 72 hours
  • Valakas: 264 hours + random 72 hours
  • Trasken: 336 hours + random 12 hours
  • All regular bosses have regular respawn time

  • Increased amount of monsters in low level zones (1-40)
  • Increased respawn of quest monsters for class transfer quests
  • Increased received points per killed monster for field cycle in Seed of Annihilation (10x faster)

  • Increased limit amount of active instances
  • Kamaloka instances will not remove buff upon entrance

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