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Cevap: Dauntless Online [ANA KONU] (4. sayfa)

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Oct 17th, 2018 - Maintenance will start at 10:00am PT (1:00pm ET). Downtime is expected to last 1 hour.

Patch OB 0.5.9 kicks off Ramsgate’s Dark Harvest event, increases weapon archonite drop rates, and puts the hurt on various bugs.


  • The Dark Harvest has returned to Ramsgate, but something about this year’s event feels … sinister. Townspeople murmur of a dark force building in the Shattered Isles. ΔΩ­ ­ ­­ ­ ­YΩU­ ­ ­­ ­ ­CㅏㄹㄹY­ ­ ­­ ­ ­ㅏ­ ­ ­­ ­ ­ΛㅏNTЭㄹN?
  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine version 4.20.3. This introduces some optimization improvements and helps strengthen our internal workflow. There may be some kinks that we will continue to work out. If you notice any bugs, please send them our way!
  • Reworked the way that elemental damage status effects trigger. They should now trigger more predictably and more frequently.
  • Increased weapon archonite drop rates. Patrols have increased by 100%, while pursuits and expeditions have increased by 75%.
  • While the storm on the horizon seems to have settled, a new aetheric disturbance has taken its place. Those who go astray will pay.
  • Exclusive Dark Harvest cosmetic content will be available in the store from now until November 1st, get it before it’s gone!


  • Reworked the layout and cleaned up a bunch of bugs on Rook’s Isle to help new Slayers reach their first Behemoths.
  • Players will now see their name above their banner icon when looking at the grid (viewable in the main menu).
  • Improvements and bug fixes to the audio in Rezakiri’s prism encase mode.
  • Replaced quest, huntboard, and Middleman compass indicators with new, more readable versions.
  • Replaced placeholder UI buttons on the login screen.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause text to overlap on the weapon details panel.
  • Reduced the amount of damage required to interrupt Quillshot during its rage entry quill volley.
  • Skarn rock attacks will no longer crumple the player when they connect.
  • Slayers can no longer walk through Shrike or Skraev tails. Damage done to tails will be more consistent.
  • Removed Shrowd, Rezakiri, and Koshai icons from the heroic patrol list.
  • Jump animations will now vary based on whether or not you’re moving when you jump.
  • Slayers will now see their guild name in the HUD. Banner avatars will be more accurate and consistent.
  • Added new VFX to Ragetail’s ground stomp attack, making it easier to predict.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes requeued players for matchmaking after returning to Ramsgate.
  • Fixed a bug that made it so players couldn’t hit Enter to chat in airship (would open loadout/examine instead).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause text to overlap on the huntboard Behemoth list.
  • The Middleman and core opener have new UI functionality that makes it easier to understand when cell exchanges and cores are ready.
  • Added a 280 character limit to chat to prevent lengthy messages from clogging things up.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to close Dauntless if they pressed Escape on the main menu or during the intro cinematic.
  • Flags and banners have undergone an optimization pass to make them far less resource-intensive.
  • Fixed a bug where Behemoths sometimes failed to enrage.
  • Some of the background elements in Ramsgate have undergone an optimization pass to improve game performance.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed chain blades to interrupt with their primary attack.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some emotes from showing up in the Style menu.
  • Slayers who use repeaters will be able to get back to shooting sooner after using their grip ability.
  • Fixed a bug that caused winged Behemoths to jitter as they flew away during their flee animation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Embermane and Stormclaw to fly away when they fled. I have to go now, my planet needs me.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Behemoths to move through cliffs while fleeing.
  • Fixed a bug where changes to graphics and sound settings would sometimes fail to save.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Slayers to trigger the war pike sidestep (which was removed in a previous patch)

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< Resime gitmek için tıklayın >


The rite had worked.

Ten minutes ago the clearing held nothing, but now there was a something. A small, strange tear in the fabric of the air, just an arm’s length away from the edge of the circle. The candles fluttered as the rift breathed wider.

“Darkness shield us,” Egan whispered.

Umbral aether lashed through the tear, forcing the portal wider still. There was movement now. Restless movement. Egan could feel the weight of his heart in his chest, pounding.

“We have done it,” said the other. “The Unseen prophecy will at last be fulfilled.”

The rift had grown to nearly human height.

“Great Unmaker,” began the Speaker, “We summon you and name you Riftstalker.”

Umbral aether dripped from the rift, pooling on the ground below. A candle, too close to the pool, fell into the slick and out of reality.

“Walk with us in the darkness.”

A shape emerged from the umbral tear. Four powerful paws, tipped in claws. Tall ears. A sinuous tail. And a coat of writhing umbral aether that clung to it all like a living thing.

It snatched the Speaker in its jaws and dragged him, screaming, beyond the rift.


Dark Harvest is usually a time for celebration, but this year’s long night feels darker than usual. Untended alleyways pulse with fresh Unseen glyphs and cultists gather in Ramsgate’s shadows. There are even reports of unsettling effigies being raised across the Shattered Isles.

But all of these are nothing compared to what has appeared in the Maelstrom.

< Resime gitmek için tıklayın >

The Riftstalker.


The Riftstalker is a new umbral Behemoth that blends cat, bat, and extreme speed into an encounter unlike any other we’ve created. Its name, “Riftstalker,” comes from its ability to open and move through umbral rifts – dark, swirling portals to another dimension.

< Resime gitmek için tıklayın >

But the Riftstalker doesn’t just move through rifts. It can also drag its prey through them – into the dark dimension it calls home. Make it out of there alive and you might just live to see Ramsgate again.


When we first started working on the Riftstalker, it didn’t have the ability to pull Slayers through its portals. Instead, we tried to convince Slayers to engage voluntarily with the rifts by tying them to valuable stagger opportunities.

First, we tried coaxing players closer with various visual indicators – an umbral circle, a visible buff, etc. But nothing would convince Slayers to stand near something that looked like certain death. We even toyed with the idea of making all areas except the area around a rift deal damage to Slayers, but this solution proved ridiculously resource-intensive.

Once we accepted that we weren’t going to overcome years of “don’t stand in the fire” RPG instinct, we started looking at other options. How could we get Slayers through these rifts and fighting the Riftstalker on its own turf?

< Resime gitmek için tıklayın >

By taking away the choice to flee.

We hope that you enjoy (and survive!) your new non-voluntary time in the place beyond the rift.

< Resime gitmek için tıklayın >

Welcome to my Murder Palace


One other thing that sets the Riftstalker apart from previous Behemoths is its intelligence. Learn its moves and it will change them. Memorize its patterns and it will invent new ones. This new, more adaptive mode of combat brings more variety and a new level of challenge to even our most accomplished Slayers. It was also a huge learning experience for our Behemoth engineers and designers – one that taught us lessons we’ll be leveraging for a long time to come.

< Resime gitmek için tıklayın >

Let us know what you think once you’ve battled the Rifstalker a few times. We’d love to hear how you’re faring.


The Dark Harvest event runs through November 1st, but that won’t be your last chance to fight the Riftstalker. Like our other powerful Behemoths, it will remain in the Maelstrom, ready to take on any Slayer brave enough to face it. If you want Dark Harvest cosmetics or emotes, though, you’ll need to act before the festival ends. These items are time-limited and will leave the store as soon as light returns to Ramsgate.

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Patch Notes Posted: October 23, 2018
Scheduled Release Date: October 24, 2018

    Cult activity is on the rise and a new umbral Behemoth has been sighted in the Maelstrom. Dark Harvest continues in OB 0.5.10.


  • The Riftstalker has arrived in Dauntless! Ramsgate’s smiths are already hard at work channeling Riftstalker parts into exciting new weapons and armours, and Janek Zai has managed to convert some of these potent umbral trophies into repeaters components. Stop by after hunting the Riftstalker to see what you can craft.
  • The Unseen have grown even more brazen with the onset of Dark Harvest, walking the streets in cult regalia and trading openly in their sigils and flares. &#69659;ΩИ&#69670; UΣ.


  • Perks that trigger after dodging now apply their effect at the end of the dodge instead of at the start. This change will allow players to enjoy more of the benefit of the triggered effect.
  • Pre-Maelstrom weapons and armour will once again properly unlock when a Behemoth quest is accepted (instead of redeemed). Maelstrom gear will unlock as you soon as you fight the Behemoth tied to that gear. (You don’t need to successfully complete the hunt; breaking a part is sufficient.)


  • Windrunner now increases movement speed by 20% (up from 15%).
  • Windrunner passive now triggers at 6 ammo and below, up from 4 ammo and below.
  • Sharpshooter passive now increases damage by 8 per shot, up from 5.
  • The Marksman Chamber can now deal damage to destructibles (e.g. Nayzaga turrets and Shrowd doomsday orbs).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented damage numbers from displaying when shooting at Behemoth projectile attacks (e.g. Charrogg lava ball).
  • Fixed an issue that prevented percentage damage increases (e.g. Drask lantern instant) from properly increasing area of effect damage (e.g. ballistic chamber, chain blades push, hammer shots).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Slayers from seeing damage numbers when shooting Rezakiri’s prism.
  • Evasion cells will once again work as intended. Dodge roll!
  • Aetheric Attunement bonus to lantern generation dropped to 10/20/30/42/54/66% from 10/20/40/60/80/100%.
  • Aetheric Frenzy’s per-hit lantern generation bonus has increased to +3/4/5/7.5/10/12.5 from +1/2/4/6/8/10.
  • Slayers should no longer walk awkwardly when reloading their repeaters.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the chat window from closing if a player entered text during the airship-to-hunt transition window.
  • Fixed a bug that caused chat messages to appear out of order. “This is a lighthouse. Your call.”
  • Koshai’s double tail whip no longer deals double damage to Slayers.
  • The Koshai Lantern’s hold ability will now correctly move Slayers with drawn repeaters/grenades forward instead of off to the side.
  • The Aetheric Skullgem has been renamed to “Elemental Skullgem” to more accurately convey how it is obtained.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the hammer’s rocket jump from interrupting Behemoths.
  • Fixed a bug where moving the ancestry slider to 100% in one direction would cause the opposite selection to disappear.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause another Slayer’s name to show up when talking to an NPC.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause skin to turn invisible when wearing the Charrplate (Charrogg chest armour).
  • Stopped large Slayer heads from clipping through the Unseen Visage. It’s like an orange on a toothpick!
  • Introduced multiple performance improvements for hunts.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause eyebrows, teeth, tongues, and eyeballs to poke through various helmets.
  • Hair should not longer clip through the Dustrider’s Bolero. There’s a new sheriff in town holding it down
  • Weapons should now be sheathed during island arrivals.
  • Dyes applied to the Harvester’s Head will now take effect immediately.
  • Shadows will now render properly with the Harvester’s Head.
  • The Harvester’s Head will no longer be visible when talking to vendors.
  • Fixed a bug that caused skin to clip through the Mantle of Thorns (Koshai chest armour).
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to see a white square instead of a weapon icon on their HUD.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Koshai’s Spine (war pike) to drop to 0 power.
  • Fixed a bug that caused smoke to load improperly during the tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug that caused offscreen revive indicators to persist even after reviving.
  • Fixed a bug where gamepad users could lose all focus when speeding up a cell cook with ace chips.
  • Fixed multiple VFX bugs.
  • Improved the visuals on the main menu screen.
  • Fixed a bug that made currencies difficult to read when viewed on the inventory screen.

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Nov. 1st, 2018 - Maintenance will start at 10:00am PT (1:00pm ET). Downtime is expected to last 1 hour.

OB 0.5.11 ends Dark Harvest and ushers in sunshine, bug fixes, and more.


  • Dark Harvest is over and the sun shines again, revealing a city scrubbed clean of graffiti. But while the Unseen seem to have skulked back to the shadows, the umbral Riftstalkers remain. Be on the lookout for those telltale purple portals…


  • Fixed an issue where certain hit reactions were taking priority over Resolve.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to spawn outside of Riftstalker’s murder palace. R is among the most menacing of sounds.
  • The transfusion grenade’s healing orbs should more reliably seek and heal their targets.
  • The transfusion grenade’s healing orbs will no longer be consumed if they strike a Slayer who is at full health. (They will now pass through them.
  • The transfusion grenade’s healing orbs will now change targets immediately if their active target is killed or healed to full.
  • Added new daily and weekly challenges for repeaters. Don’t forget to turn them sideways.
  • Ramsgate and the Shattered Isles have both undergone a optimization pass to help improve performance.
  • Dye palettes have been restored to their proper order in the UI.
  • Dyes that aren’t available will now display a lock icon when viewed in dye selection screens.
  • Dye swatches are now easier to use when playing with a gamepad.
  • Did a polish pass on the Bosun’s hair and beard.
  • Repositioned the Riftstalker’s umbral blast so it no longer shoots from below its feet.
  • Made it easier to get break parts from Firebrand before it dies.
  • Did a VFX pass on the Riftstalker.
  • Cleaned up VFX for the Riftstalker’s weapons.
  • Improved the audio and visual effects on the Riftstalker’s portal jumps.
  • Changed the way that the chain blades’ pull rotates players, making it more fluid vs. abrupt.
  • Fixed a couple places where Slayers could get stuck on ledges if they fell off an island.
  • Completed a VFX pass on aether vents, making them appear more grounded.
  • Improved the repeaters’ ability to inflict elemental status effects.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Slayers to lose their eyes or eyebrows due to helmet hiding settings.
  • Made UI buttons easier to read and understand.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause repeaters-wielding Slayers to “pop” weirdly when being pulled into Riftstalker’s murder palace.
  • Fixed a bug where armour power didn’t mitigate thorn/vine damage. Protect your neck.
  • Koshai gear should now correctly unlock after the player has hunted Koshai (instead of requiring players to successfully complete the quest).
  • Repeater-wielding Slayers can now shoot and destroy Koshai’s falling seed pods and Charrogg’s rolling lava balls.
  • Fixed another bug that could cause Slayers to execute the war pike’s side step attack, even though it was removed in a previous patch.
  • Did a VFX polish pass on lava pools.
  • Redesigned and replaced Riftstalker’s vocalisations.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the war pike to continue to whoosh when it was dodge cancelled.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would respond to input while the player was navigating the emote wheel.
  • Fixed a bug where the some helmets would cause Slayers to appear eyeless. The goggles do nothing!

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Open Beta 0.5.12


  • Preview dyes before you buy. This patch gives Slayers the option to preview any dye on their armour – including colours they don’t yet own. (No more guessing what “Blood Moon” looks like!) As part of these changes, you can also now purchase new dyes through the preview interface after you fall in love with a colour. Gamepad users: This system should be much easier to navigate than the old one. Be sure to tell us what you think!


  • Added new elemental weapon challenges to the list of weekly Weaponsmith Challenges:

    1. Blazing Fever (10 blaze kills)
    2. Frost Hazard (10 frost kills)
    3. Shocking Display (10 shock kills)
    4. Dark Days (10 umbral kills; unlocks at Maelstrom)
    5. Chasing the Sun (10 radiant kills; unlocks when Slayers reach Rezakiri)
    6. Added two new daily Slayer Challenges:
    7. Thornbound (Hunt Koshai)
    8. Dancing Shadows (Hunt Riftstalker)

  • Changed the requirements for four existing weekly Slayer Challenges (changes shown in italics):

    1. Winged Aggressors – Hunt Shrike or Kharabak (5)
    2. Burning Coals – Hunt Embermane or Charrogg (5)
    3. Plates and Spines – Hunt Pangar or Nayzaga (5)
    4. Night’s Cloak – Hunt Shrowd or Riftstalker (5)
    5. Removed all Armoursmith Challenges tied to (a) reviving and (b) elemental resistance.
    6. Fixed a bug that could cause the Dyadic Drift expeditions to unlock early.


  • Completed a massive optimization pass on Slayers, the HUD, lanterns, and trees, and reduced the distance at which complex graphics load for users. This should help improve performance for everyone. Internally, we’ve measured as much as a 10-15 FPS gain on some systems but we’d love to hear how it’s working for you. You can leave your feedback either on Reddit ( /r/playdauntless or the official Dauntless forums. Thank you!
  • Lanterns and grenades will no longer appear to do part damage to broken Behemoth parts or cores.
  • Expose and Stagger damage text will now fly off to the side instead of overlapping with base damage text.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause it to rain inside the cave on Sovereign’s Throne.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause trees to scale strangely after being broken.
  • Molten Edict’s standing shot ground fire explosion and fire pool will no longer display for other players. This is part of an effort to help decrease visual noise during battle.
  • Removed an outdated warning about cells being “consumed” during the cell infusion process. (They are not consumed.)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Riftstalker’s parts to display damage numbers even after being broken.
  • The end of hunt rating system (1-5) has been replaced by an occasional, random feedback question. Let us know if you get one!
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the cell cooking sound to play on repeat in certain circumstances.


  • Stamina Potion effects will no longer disappear when a player is hit by the Koshai leaf shield.
  • Blitz Tonic, Frenzy Tonic, Bulwark Tonic, and Lifedrain Tonic effects will now persist when a
  • Slayer is downed and revived (instead of simply disappearing).
  • Adjusted the spawn rate on Riftstalker weapon and prism orbs. After reaching five orbs, the likelihood of spawning an additional orb slightly decreases. Each subsequent spawned and active orb (above five) reduces the chance of spawning another.
  • The Nayzaga’s shock towers are no longer immune to shock weapons. (But they still have shock resistance.)
  • Doubled the drop rate of rare “body” part breaks such as Glistening Fur, Pristine Moonfeather, and Flawless Spinehide.

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